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— Patrick Dorn

“Rathbun is a dynamo as the egomaniacal Max, using sheer force of will, and an unexpectedly lyrical baritone voice to bend reality to his vision of ineptitude.”

“Bialystock has to carry much of the load, and Scott Rathbun acquits himself admirably in the role. He has the big, yet refined voice of a veteran musical-theater performer, but he also has excellent comic timing and acting chops.”

— The Denver Post

“...Scott Rathbun takes on the role of Bialystock, playing him so exactly that even the character's most deplorable traits seem endearing. It should be noted too, that Rathbun has a Broadway-quality voice. However, Rathbun's biggest contribution to the show is his comic ability. When Bialystock decides on 'Springtime for Hitler,' Rathbun laughs hysterically for several minutes, until the entire theater is laughing with him.”

— The Coloradoan

— Denver Theater Perspectives

“...upon meeting one of our main characters Max Bialystock, played by the incredibly talented Scott Rathbun, the pace of the show picks up. Rathbun’s rendition of The King of Broadway shows that his acting skills and voice are equally powerful."

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